Should I apply in each university for the TFM-ASA Master program ?

No, there is a unique application you’ll need to submit through the TFM-ASA website (See "Application").

Can I choose where (in which university) I will follow the courses ?

No, there is a unique coursework for all TFM-ASA students. It means that the 1st semester takes place in Bordeaux (France), the 2nd semester in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), the 3rd semester in Cottbus (Germany) and the 4th semester is dedicated to the master thesis for which you’ll choose your destination.

Is there any available grant for the master program ?

The TFM-ASA students has to take in charge the fees and the daily costs (accommodation, transport, food) during the master program. There is no available grant for the 1st semester but there might be a possibility to apply for a grant for the 2nd and the 3rd semesters. The students will be provided with the information related to this grant during the 1st semester in Bordeaux. As for the 4th semester, depending on the place of the master thesis, there might be a possibility to apply for the grant. More information will be provided during the 3rd semester. Please note that such grant can only cover a part of the costs of a semester. That’s why we strongly recommend to be able to cover the fees and the costs of the master program by your own resources.

How can I find an accommodation in each university ?

Every partner university of the TFM-ASA Master program will provide you with the support to find an accommodation before your arrival. There might be a possibility to find a student dorm close to the campus or other solutions such as private accommodation or shared flat.

How take in charge the costs of the accommodation ?

Every student takes in charge the costs related to the accommodation.

Should I obtain one or three visas ?

You’ll receive the guidelines with your Acceptance letter. In fact, as you are going to stay more than three months in every country (France, Belgium, Germany), you’ll need to obtain a student visa for each country. First, you’ll need to apply for the student visa in order to come in France and afterwards during your semester in France you’ll apply for the student visa in Belgium. While studying in Belgium you’ll apply for the student visa for Germany. The International office of each university will guide for these steps. Another solution is to apply for the student visa with mobility which might cover your stay for the first year in France and Belgium. You’ll be able to renew it for the second year. Please note there is no guarantee you’ll obtain such type of visa. That’s why we recommend to follow the guidelines you’ll receive with the Acceptance letter.

How to apply ?

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements :


- Bachelor or Engineering school degree with Mechanics and Physics training.
- Good level in sciences, particularly in solid and fluid mechanics, thermal sciences, thermodynamics and material science.

Language requirements

Candidates are selected on the basis of academic and/or professional records and on their motivation.

100 % of the courses are in English.
Applicants must have an adequate knowledge of written and spoken English, equivalent to B2 according to the CEFR.

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Online application

You will have all the documents to be provided indicated to us as well as the online procedure for your application by clicking on this link.

Deadline for application : from 30th October 2023 to 15th March 2024

Contact information

Bordeaux :

Université de Bordeaux - CRMI- bât. A2 UF Sciences de l'Ingénieur 351, cours de la libération 33405 TALENCE cedex

05 40 00 88 18


Louvain :

1 rue Archimède B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

+32 (0)10 47 24 60 | Fax +32 (0)10 47 24 66


Cottbus :

Bureau of International Studies (BIS) VP L 4.1 C Main Campus, Main Building, room HG 4.07 Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1 03046 Cottbus

+49 (0) 355 69 2879