The TFMASA Master programme has been awarded with the Erasmus Mundus Design Measures label from the 1st November 2022 to the 31st of January 2024.

The main objective of the EMDM is to encourage HEIs to develop new, innovative and highly integrated master programmes by facilitating the setup of such international partnerships.

TFMASA is a joint International Master Program created in 2019 by a consortium of three Universities: University of Bordeaux (France), which is consortium coordinator, the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and the Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany) in the field of mechanical aeronautics and aerospace engineering. Our willingness is to evolve towards aeronautics and space-capable renewable energy technologies. This goal appears as a priority and engaging thematic area in the aerospace engineering sector considering the need of developing an advanced innovative generation, collection, storage and distribution energy technologies for stationary or mobile applications. This subject is specifically challenging with regard to the protection of the environment and climate change but it can participate in achieving the goal of a carbon free economy in the aviation sector.

The consortium has identified future strategic objectives that will need to anticipate the development of new competences in order to respond to the new requirements of the job market in the years to come. Our EMDM project will allow us, to develop and design a visible, sustainable and highly integrated excellent joint Master programme capable to attract the best students worldwide, and to ensure training of specialists in the field of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering over the EMJM period.

The project will focus on the construction of the curriculum and new innovative pedagogical contents as well as the development of new fruitful partnerships with companies of the aeronautics and space industry.


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